Green Island

In the past, the villages on the edge of the city were large - sparse people, green gardens, pagodas, village gates, water wharfs.... Now, the flood of urbanization has swept away all familiar spaces and images. Instead, it is the situation of tight land, crowded people, and polluted living space. The owner - a passionate creative sculptor, in tune with the architect in planning design solutions, wants to save himself by bravely cutting half of the garden land. The house squeezes to one side to make room for trees, light, and wind - the respiratory lungs, renewable green and clean energy.

The idea is a replicable suggestion. In narrow alleys, 3-5 houses are able to negotiate to create a space connecting to a green oasis, opening up a quiet interior space... The building has a minimalist style, bare concrete materials, large format glass, cobblestone... The shape has a definitive sculptural character, the beauty itself is not cumbersome decoration.

The gate to access to the veranda is wide, avoiding rain and sun. The veranda is the element connecting the space inside - outside.Floor 1: living room, kitchen, dining, maximum contact with nature through transparent glass walls. The ancient well is open, close to the grandparents' room, showing respect for the past...

The staircase is an interesting highlight in the space, which is also the owner's sculpture. Ladder and floor space create convection ventilation, convenient natural lighting. The handrail is daring as the owner's creation. 2nd floor: 2 bedrooms and a common room facing the garden, connecting the atrium effectively. The balcony is wide, creating a strong impression, is a buffer space to avoid. direct sunlight into the room. This is also a point of difference, connecting space and displaying sculptures.

The anti-heat solution is created with a 30cm thick layer of pebbles, covering the entire terrace, incorporating green trees, creating a feeling of closeness through the "creak" sound when walking on the gravel. The project is an experiment. point, through which urban people can improve and plan for themselves green oases, promoting efficiency right in the concrete forest, corrugated iron roof, air conditioner, smoke... Please borrow the image of people walking In the vast desert of sand, arid, scorching sun, suddenly encounter "green oases" - giving them more energy and vitality to move on.