Mr Hung's house

Mr Hung’s house is located in Jackfruit Village, Co Dong Commune, Son Tay district, Western suburb of Hanoi. The land slopes gradually to the lake with spacious views.

The house relies on trees naturally. All the spaces are permeated by plants, wind and sunlight. According to the topography, building platform is elevated to avoid termite, humid as well as ensure natural surface drainage. The design adheres to local vegetation and existent terrain.

The structure is developed horizontally to maximize lake views. Common space and kitchen are in the central, next to workroom, guest room and maid’s room. Master bedroom and sauna are on the second floor with peculiar shaped balcony making a picture framed visual field. 

Adobe bricks were built from the earth in its own land. Broad expanse thatched roof which creates shadow itself, sound-proof and control solar radiation efficiently. 

Staircase is a highlight, evoking the image of rice straw stack that has been entrenched in the owner's subconscious. Its roof covers by glass panels casting a crescent shaped shadow. 

The house creates a cozy and friendly atmosphere, relates to the context with both familiar and strange feeling. This design is a suggestion for contemporary rural housing architecture.