Sentia School

Location: Trung Van Commune, Tu Liem District, Ha Noi City
Architects: Hoang Thuc Hao, Do Minh Duc
Year: 2016
Site area: 9625.2 m2
Construction area: 3826 m2
Total floor area: 10938.5 m2

The site for the planned school is located in hanoi, which is asymmetric, has lots of edge and surrounded by lots of tower blocks. The school will accompany the children from the beginning of their school life until the end, so it will comprise a primary, secondary and high school. According to age, separate playgrounds will be created, but also common playgrounds, which could be use by everyone.  

To fit in the asymmetric site and creating playgrounds separately, the classroom will run in a zigzag form through the site. While it has this form, classrooms will still be oriented to the south and north and it could become a flexible space, because of the change from classroom to playground. The sports field, gymnasium and canteen will be at the end of the building, so it could reduce the noise. All three buildings will be connected by open corridors.  

The five stories school building will be divided in utilisation and classes. The five stories school building will be divided by usage and grade. The first block of the building will only be used as primary school, the following block for secondary school in the lower floors and high school in the upper floors. A playfully arranged school garden, which will also be divided in classes, on the rooftop with several levels of different plants will promote the pupils' interest and broaden their knowledge in agriculture and biology.   To make the appearance of the school playful, the arrangement and size of the windows will be different, decided by the utilisation. It will appear to be random but are more interesting and childlike/playful for the pupils. The colour of the school will be in a neutral white and brown and the cheerful colours of the sun blocking items and lamellas outside the swimming hall and the canteen will add playfulness. With the roof garden and green playground the school will be the green center of the tower blocks, which will be eye-catching from the view above.  

The wind direction affects the placement of the rooms. The canteen, swimming hall and gymnasium are located in the north so the wind can blow away the smell of the canteen and gymnasium from the school and the classrooms are located in the south. To add shading to the classrooms there will be sun blocking items in front of each window. With the playground between the buildings natural light and ventilation will be provided. Furthermore the playground will function as a buffer zone for noises. The roof of the canteen and gymnasium will open up in the middle but in different direction to let the wind in and out in each direction.