Sun Villa

Client: Mr. Binh Phan
Location: Dong Anh, Hanoi
Year of design: 2012
Year of completion: 2014
Land area: 595 sqm
Building footprint: 245 sqm
GFA: 700 sqm


Dong Anh Villa design concept was inspired from vernacular architecture and contemporary building technology
Our design principles include:
- Architecture and landscape should be harmonized.
- Bringing nature into living spaces.
- Unique living spaces reminding traditional architecture.
- Maximize enery saving and protect the environment.
Therefore, We have created a house with soft, semi-open spaces. Garden, courtyard, void and living spaces are intertwined, bringing nature into the house. The house is low with slope roof hiding in the shades of trees. Every room has two sides opening to the outside, optimizing natural lighting and ventilation. Even though it was designed in contemporary architecture, Flexible and open living spaces remind of Vernacular houses with veranda, shades, human scale architecture, creating warm and relaxing gathering spaces for the family. 
Dong Anh Villa has been built in traditional construction methods together with application of modern technologies to resolve sustainable and green design issues. The east and west facades of the house are more closed while the south one is behind a large set back to attract south-east wind. The small water feature in front of the house cools down the air before going into the house. Smart electricity system and solar panels help effectively save energy for Dong Anh villa.